We’ve Acquired Direct Options. Because… Data.

Sep 29, 2020

Vya’s acquisition of Direct Options enable data-driven marketing for a post-COVID economy

Like so many businesses, Vya has been assessing the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 – for our own business and for our clients. While we can’t fully predict what will happen next, we do believe that in a post-COVID economy, you can’t just go back to being the company you were before 2020.

A recent report by management consulting firm McKinsey suggests, “The organization of the future is taking shape in the moves that companies are making now.” As we look ahead to the Vya of the future, what we see is that data is going to drive marketing, even more than it does today. And, therefore, it must be integral to the solutions we provide. Indeed, the experts at McKinsey emphasize, “The ability to gather, organize, interpret, and act on data and analytics will be the defining competitive differentiator of our lifetimes.”

This is why I am excited to announce today that Vya has acquired Direct Options, a leading customer data and analytics firm. For 30 years, Direct Options has proven its ability to make marketing data actionable, transforming clients’ marketing into successful strategy that delivers optimal results.

I see this acquisition as transformative – creating a single source for data-driven marketing strategy, execution, and performance analysis and optimization. This is important for businesses of the future, which will likely operate with more remote workforces, comprised of fewer staff, who in turn will be looking to consolidate vendor relationships into fewer partners who can do more for them.

Since our launch in 1993 as a wholesale provider of copy services to the printing trade, Vya has successfully navigated a changing marketplace. We’ve evolved into a provider of end-to-end marketing resource management solutions designed to help companies customize, localize and efficiently manage their marketing, messaging and materials for more relevance and impact. The acquisition of Direct Options is the latest step in our evolution, enabling us to accelerate our strategic vision of providing a closed loop solution encompassing market analytics, campaign execution, performance analysis and optimization of future campaigns for greater overall business success.

We are delighted to welcome the Direct Options team of highly skilled data marketing experts to the Vya family. Their approach aligns with our own philosophy and culture, and their expertise and capabilities will accelerate our strategic vision to meet the increasing data marketing demands of our current and future clients.

At this moment, our teams are working diligently to integrate our offerings into simplified and actionable data-driven marketing solutions. And whether you are a Vya or Direct Options client, you can expect no disruption to customer operations. You will continue to interface with the same account teams you know and trust.

The pandemic has truly changed the way we all do business. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals. Now, with the addition of Direct Options’ capabilities, we’re positioned to provide data-driven solutions that generate marketing and business success. We look forward to working with you to identify and act on your best opportunities to move forward and prosper in an economy that has been redefined by the events of 2020.

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Jay Brokamp

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