Curious about co-branded campaigns? Here are four factors for success.

Aug 17, 2015

Have you been hearing more about “co-branded” campaigns lately? It’s with good reason. Co-branded marketing campaigns can increase your reach and introduce you to new audiences, and drive brand awareness and sales.

CoBrand_ImageHowever, not all co-branded campaigns are created equal. To boost your bottom line, you’ll want to plan and execute your campaign with care. We routinely see some distinct factors that help companies see positive results from co-branded campaigns. They are:

1) Be easy to work with.
Think about your favorite companies and vendors you do business with. They are likely those who are easy to work with, and who strive for a mutually beneficial relationship. Aim to be that kind of company to your co-branding partner. No matter how you structure your campaign, make it seamless for them to interact with you in every way. Adjust your internal operations where necessary.

2) Offer resources.
You have a shared target market that overlaps with your co-branding partner. What do you have to offer their customers? Be a resource. Seminars or casual networking events are excellent opportunities for new prospects to learn more about your services.

Additionally, at in-person events, or as part of a direct mail campaign or other initiative, co-branded marketing materials will visually reinforce awareness of your relationship.

3) Gather input from local partners.
No one knows the local market better than your local partners. For the best results, make sure to listen to the people on the ground floor. They know what’s important to their community and what buttons to push. Gather their intelligence early and often. For larger campaigns, you can put mechanisms in place to make this more efficient.

4) Simplify implementation.
Complexity gets in the way of results. How can you streamline your co-branded campaign for efficiency? Don’t waste time and energy on efforts that don’t bring results. Set yourself up for success with well-planned processes and systems that bring you closer to your goals.

Co-branded campaigns can vary widely depending on the industry and your company’s needs. What are your tips or questions for co-branded campaigns? Share your thoughts with us @vya_systems.


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