Transcending the Logo: Brand Consistency in All Its Forms

Oct 19, 2016

Martha France

Heart-Hands-ThinkstockPhotos-476023883.jpgAt Vya we are big on brand consistency. Your brand is the platform that delivers your core product or service differentiation to customers. Managing brand consistency is critical, especially in a distributed organization with branches, agents or franchises.

The notion of brand consistency often focuses on the visual elements. But of course, that’s a bit short-sighted.

At last month’s ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Nashville, speaker Jason Loehr challenged attendees with this question, “If you cover your logo, can your brand still be recognized?”

Reinforcing a consistent look, tone and message can contribute to brand recognition and resonance. Loehr then suggested looking beyond the purely visible to consider storytelling as a platform for reinforcing your brand attributes.

Banking on Brand Consistency with Strong Storytelling

At the conference, we saw some great examples of consistency in storytelling and emotion during the ABA Bank Marketing Video Awards. We were especially impressed by the two videos in the over $5 billion category—one was produced by Bank of North Carolina and the other by Old National Bank.

The runner up was Bank of North Carolina. Its video, “Delivering More Than you Expect,” ( is consistent with its stated mission of “anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.” Bank of North Carolina’s video tells a story around this mission with humor, which conveys a friendly, approachable feeling.

Having the bank’s President and CEO Rick Callicutt as the lead in the piece, demonstrates the commitment from the top and personalizes the bank at every level. It is highly effective at communicating the bank’s welcoming approach.

The winner of the over $5 billion category was Old National Bank, which also earned both the Best In Show Award and the Marketers’ Choice Award.

Old National Bank describes itself as “Your Bank. For Life.” This positioning emphasizes personal relationships and a commitment to service throughout your evolving life stages.

In showcasing its award-winning video, “Through the Years,” on its website, Old National explains, “As your bank for life, Old National is honored to be part of your story. Our associates do all they can to be there at the right time with the right tools to help make your dreams a reality. Watch the Old National commitment come to life.”

See for yourself how it does just that:

This video really taps into your emotions as you witness, in fleeting moments, the life of a young boy as he grows to a young adult. The pen is a clever instrument to denote the ever-present bank throughout the life stages. Having the same bank associate serving the boy and the grown adult also perfectly emphasizes the personal touch and lifelong personal relationships.

These videos remind us of the depth of brand consistency, beyond just what you see on paper or on the screen.  True brand consistency is also consistency of feeling and emotion.

Consider your own brand. What feeling or emotion does it elicit? Is it consistent with what you intend consumers to feel about your organization? If not, maybe it’s time to retool your brand strategy and make sure everyone in your organization is prepared to consistently convey the feeling that is inherent in your brand, across all your customer touchpoints.  

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