Why Your Company Needs a Blog

Apr 24, 2014

Most serious businesses with a website have a blog. Why? It’s a direct communication channel to share relevant, timely information and a simple way to connect with your customers and prospects. When your company actively blogs, it sharpens your focus to help target your market. However, a blog is also an avenue for conversation and gives your company a voice.454962529

Customers want to know who they’re buying from – they want a voice they can trust. Having a blog can also increase your company’s marketing power. You can inform and engage your customers so they actively come back to you. Here are five reasons why having a blog is worthwhile:

It positions your company as a thought leader. Having a blog allows you to connect with your customers and build credibility. You can share your expertise on industry-related content and position your company as a subject matter expert. Blogging frequently can increase customer acquisition -- 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog.

It can be shared on social media channels. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are great sources for sharing information, so it wouldn’t hurt to share what you’re blogging about on social media. Posts shared through those channels keep your company presence in front of your customers and allow for engaging, traffic-generating content.

It creates web content. Blogs are a way to create content that explores relevant topics and the industry. They are an outlet for a more personal conversation, educating customers instead of selling to them. Selling and promotion should be reserved for the company’s website.

It increases your online presence. A blog fuels SEO and increases the chance of your company being found in search results. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it, which will improve the likelihood that customers who need your service will find you and engage with you.

It increases your brand equity. Your customers can have access to your company’s philosophy and ideas from the employees themselves, which lets your brand speak for itself. This allows you to show your customers how you can help them and why you’re in business.

Everything you post on a blog gives your company long-term value and helps build awareness of your brand. Having a blog is the perfect asset to promote your expertise. It’s another way of connecting with your customers and prospects indirectly and personally even when they’re not sitting right in front of you.

Kandi O'Connor

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