“Thinking Big” as a Marketing Professional

Sep 19, 2013

International Literacy Day was Sept. 8, but we’ve decided to celebrate and promote it all month long with a series of blog posts based on marketing and business books we’ve recently read. Today’s post comes from DocuStar Marketing Director Martha France and features David J. Schwartz’s “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

We know the role of the marketing leader is changing. In fact, a recent article from CMO (a new media title from IDG Communications) goes so far as to say that, “today’s CMO will be tomorrow’s CEO.” For marketing executives, leadership skills, the ability to inspire your team and influence departments across the organization, have never been more important.

9-19-13_thumbI recently read the book, “The Magic of Thinking Big” – a great resource for marketing executives looking to improve leadership skills and advance their career. In addition to being motivational, the book provides you with specific tactics to grow as a leader and achieve success.

“The Magic of Thinking Big” was written by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D., who was a professor at Georgia State University and the president of Creative Educational Services Inc., a consulting firm specializing in leadership development. Now get this… it was written in 1959! (The edition I read was re-released in 2012.) Dr. Schwartz surly must have been near genius in that his message is still so incredibly relevant today. Yes, you’ll find yourself occasionally chuckling at some references that are out-of-date but that does not take away from the applicability of the primary messages.

As I read Dr. Schwartz’s book, I found myself repeatedly stopping to note guidelines that I am striving to incorporate into my management style. For example, advice around:

• How to think creatively

• How to inspire your team

• How to face defeat

Underlying the guidance throughout the text is the belief that leadership success is more about attitude and your behavior rather than innate talent. So, if you are ready to “Think Big” about your career, maybe even aspiring to become a CEO, I highly recommend reading “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

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