QR Codes and the Building Products Industry

May 30, 2012

Vya Staff

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C marketing, manufacturers in the building products houseonqrcode-iStock-000018350511XSmall_thumbindustry can benefit from integrating QR codes into their multi-channel marketing promotions strategies.

From building email prospect lists to using QR codes embedded in continuity campaigns to nurture prospect relationships and drive conversions over time, QR codes can be used in creative ways to deliver meaningful interaction with your products and brand. Here we share tactical ideas for integrating QR codes into your building products promotions strategy.

Use QR codes to help build your email prospect list

QR codes can be used to help build your email prospect list at any customer-facing touch point, including seminars and events, point-of-sale displays, and tradeshow signage and collateral materials. When linked to a web form on a mobile-optimized website, the QR code scan makes it easy for prospects to provide their contact information and opt-in to receiving future communications from you. Consider capturing additional information, such as products of interest, on the web form so you can deliver segment-based, localized marketing messages to prospects in the future.

Use QR codes creatively in showrooms and at tradeshows

QR codes can be used at tradeshows and in showrooms to provide information about your products and services. For example, QR codes can be incorporated into a scavenger hunt with each station delivering new information. Discounts and incentives can be offered for visiting each station and scanning that station’s QR code. Customers will learn more about your products through the structured learning activity, and you can request prospect contact information in exchange for the give-away to help build your email prospect list, which is a win-win!

Use QR codes in promotional emails to drive in-store traffic

Once you have begun building your email prospect list, QR codes can be incorporated into emails to help boost in-store traffic and sales. Discounts and incentives pique interest in QR scans, even among those who have never scanned a QR code before; consider using QR codes in promotional emails and offering a discount on an in-store sale with the QR code scan. Additionally, QR codes in promotional emails could be used to transfer your product information to a customer’s smartphone. For example, a localized promotional email might contain a concise digital catalog of products you know the customer is interested in based on his or her previous purchase history or specified products of interest. With a unique QR code corresponding to each product featured in the digital catalog, QR code scans can help prospects capture information on products of interest for later in-store viewing.

Embed QR codes into continuity campaigns

QR codes can be embedded into direct mail or email continuity campaigns to deliver in-depth customer and prospect interaction with your brand over time. For example, a direct mail campaign with a QR code linking to relevant video content with the scan can help to deliver value-added information to prospects, such as expert building tips and quick facts for DIY customers.

Use QR codes in acquisition campaigns

The best time to solicit an appointment is when you’re in front of the customer and top of mind. QR codes embedded in direct mail customer acquisition campaigns can be linked to a web-based calendar to schedule an appointment and/or free consultation with a design consultant, contractor or builder immediately with the scan. It doesn’t get any more efficient – or convenient – than this!


QR codes can be used across multiple marketing promotions channels to help shorten the sales cycle and nurture prospect relationships over time. Especially when incorporated into multi-channel promotions strategies, QR codes can help to drive deeper interaction and engagement with your brand. When using QR codes, manufacturers in the building products industry should remember that QR codes are most effective when information and discounts or incentives are offered for the scan and when QR codes are used to provide convenience, such as in the above example of using QR codes to transfer product information to smartphones and to help promote in-store sales.


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