“Moments Matter” in Delivering a Seamless Brand Experience

Oct 28, 2014

Liz Schaefer

“Moments matter,” said Kyle Lacy, an author and thought leader on digital marketing trends, at the recent Connections 2014 Conference in Indianapolis. “Every touch point and every connection is an opportunity to deliver a seamless brand experience to delight your Liz Blog Moments no Quotecustomers.”

By providing a personalized experience, by using different media to facilitate how different customers want to work with you, you show that your product or service is relevant.

The concept sounds simple enough. But how do you facilitate that process in a distributed environment, where companies sell and market through partners across many media channels? How do you keep your brand message consistent while reaching customers through the channels they prefer?


Technology Helps Localize Communication

Many national companies struggle with communicating in every media channel that customers want to be involved in, especially at the local level. And many local sales partners – dealers, agents, franchises — are wrestling with which channels to use locally because corporate controls the bigger message.

Technology can help you successfully manage those remote touch points by tailoring your consistent brand message to what each segment wants. And technology can “humanize automation,” as Lacy calls the process of building and delivering messaging strategy around individuals.

Because that’s where moments really matter—on the local level. It’s up to corporate to make sure that local sales teams and customers in a distributed environment have a good experience. The national level is responsible for providing the technology to make the sales and marketing process easier and better in a distributed environment.


Media and Tech Training Engages Team

Not only does corporate need to provide technology that’s easy for your distributed sales force to use and your customers to engage with, but the national level also needs to train local sales partners on how to use the technology and media channels effectively.

The right technology tools backed by good training leads to solid execution services, streamlining and automating the processes between the corporate level, partner channels and customers. This frees up time for valuable relationship-building both between national and local teams and with customers and prospects.


Great People + Great Communication = Great Success

Good technology in a distributed sales environment is only part of the equation. “You can have the best technology in the world,” DocuStar’s CEO Jay Brokamp recently blogged, “but it means nothing without the right people. … Business success ultimately comes down to what it always has: the talent you surround yourself with.”

What does this mean in a distributed environment where moments matter? It means that your national and local teams communicate what they know with each other. Part of the streamlining facilitated by the right technology is providing a simple process for local teams to submit creative ideas to corporate for approval. Distributed sales forces need an easy way to request support for their ideas.

This bottom-up approach is an important tool for the field in a distributed sales environment. After all, your local teams have great ideas for events and promotions that could work well for other markets, too, and it’s important for corporate to know about and share these initiatives.

With the right technology, training and streamlined communication processes, you can deliver a seamless, consistent brand message across the many touch points in a distributed sales environment that relies on multiple media channels. You can make the moments matter.

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