Let the Games Begin! – 5 Creative Themes for July QR Code Campaigns

Jun 05, 2012

Vya Staff

July heralds summer excitement in full force with fireworks, the start of the London 2012 startingblock-78322500_thumbOlympics and the kickoff of the World Choir Games, which will be hosted locally in Cincinnati. And with long days full of sunshine, July is a perfect month for ongoing gardening and home improvement and repair projects.

Continuing our monthly blog series providing creative QR code campaign ideas, here are creative campaign ideas to connect with your customers this July.

Themes: National Recreation Month/National Picnic Month

Sample Industries: Fitness, Parks & Recreation, Retail, Travel, Weight Management

- Use QR codes on direct mailers or informational flyers to link to an application download with local parks & recreation information and maps

- Use QR codes in newspapers, inserts and direct mailers to offer discounted pool, fitness or country club memberships

- Use QR codes in newspapers, inserts and direct mailers to offer discounts on local recreation ‘staycations’ and regional travel

Theme: Summer Outdoor Projects

Sample Industries: Banking, Building Products, Financial Services, Property and Casualty Insurance, Retail

If the heat isn’t too extreme over the summer months in your area, summer can be a great time to put a new roof on your home. The best time to get your roof repaired in the Midwest is between spring and fall, and July might be the perfect month to act – unless you’re in the Southwest when July marks the beginning of heavy rains.

- Use QR codes in direct mailers linked to a calendar with the scan where homeowners can immediately schedule an appointment for a free estimate on home repairs and services, such as new roofing

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer discounts, incentives or financing on summer home repair and improvement projects including:

1. Decking materials & repair

2. Gardening products

3. Landscaping and lawn products & services

4. Rodent and pest control, prevention & inspection

5. Roof inspection & repair

Theme: Fourth of July

Sample Industries: Banking, Building Products, Financial Services, Parks & Recreation, Retail

- Use QR codes in newspapers, flyers and billboards to announce community Fourth of July celebrations and activities, providing event details and information with the scan

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer financing or cash back on purchases of outdoor entertainment products, such as grills and outdoor lighting

Theme: The 7th World Choir Games (Jul. 4-14)

Sample Industries: Entertainment, Financial Services, Restaurants, Retail

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer discounted tickets to the World Choir Games as a membership perk

- Use QR codes on posters and billboards at commuter stations to offer discounts on downtown entertainment and hotels during the games or package deals such as discounted tickets with a hotel or restaurant reservation during the games

Theme: The London 2012 Olympics (Jul. 27-Aug. 12)

Sample Industries: Bars, Entertainment, Financial Services, Restaurants, Retail

- Use QR codes in direct mail customer acquisition campaigns to register new customers in an Olympics sweepstakes give away with their new credit enrollment

- Use QR codes on tabletops to offer discounted food and drinks on a repeat visit during the games in exchange for loyalty program registration

- Use QR codes on direct mailers and in promotional emails to offer discounted sports and Olympic-branded apparel during the games


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Pre-launch Checklist:

A. Include a call to action to improve chances of QR redemption.

B. Test QR codes and review our recommended QR code specifications before launching any campaign.

C. Have a plan in place for how you’re going to retire and redirect content after the life of your QR code promotion.

With all of the fun events and games July is host to, there are many opportunities to use QR codes in creative ways to drive new customer acquisition, encourage in-store visits with promotional discounts and build your prospect email marketing lists in exchange for a discount or incentive redeemable with the scan.

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