Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 9: How to Measure Your Holiday Card Campaign

Nov 08, 2011

Vya Staff

Just like any marketing campaign, you should structure your corporate holiday card campaign so you can measure results. When we launched this holiday campaign blog series, we discussed how the corporate holiday card mailing is a great opportunity to:

- Build loyalty with your existing customers
- Nurture your prospects
- Reinforce your brand

With those goals in mind, how do you measure the success of your campaign?

If you are using email in your campaign, you can track open rates and clicked links. These metrics will provide insights regarding how engaged recipients were with your greeting as well as provide brand impression data.


You can still measure results when you create printed greetings sent through a mail campaign. Invite your recipient to visit online and/or mobile content via URLs, Personalized URLs and/or QR codes, then track the results.

Encourage your recipient to engage with your holiday campaign by including an enticing description of what they will find when they go online or scan the code. For example, you can

- Use the link to offer a choice of a gift or to opt-in for a charitable donation.
- Liven up your message by creating a link to a video holiday greeting.
- Create a coupon or special offer available only to those who visit the online or mobile resources.

Whether you link via a URL, PURL or QR code will depend on the type of content:

Online Media

Mobile Media

Static Content


Same QR Code for Each Recipient

Personalized Content

Personal URL (PURL)

Different QR Code for Each Recipient

With links to personalized content you automatically can track and measure how many recipients engaged and identify them. With static content, you can track how many connected but will need to collect their name to track who connected.


If you are including a calendar as part of your holiday greeting, you have additional opportunities for measurement. By including links to online and/or mobile media each month, you will be able to monitor the calendar’s usage and your recipient’s interest level in the monthly offers you create.

Old Fashioned Feedback

Tracking click-throughs, visits and scans provide hard data on how your client interacts with your holiday greeting. But the old-fashioned way still carries some weight. How many of your clients send a thank you message or give you a call after receiving your gift? You know if your customers or prospects go the extra step to thank you, then you must have made a difference. And isn’t that what you wanted to do in the first place?

Anytime you communicate with your customer, it requires thought and planning. Your corporate holiday card campaign is no different. By crafting and executing a sophisticated holiday campaign you can create a meaningful AND measurable interaction. How will you measure your holiday campaign?

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