Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 6: Include a Calendar with your Business Holiday Card

Oct 27, 2011

Vya Staff

Although you can’t give your clients and prospects the actual gift of time, by including a calendar along with your corporate holiday cards this year, you might help them manage it. This is our sixth blog in a series to help you make the most of your holiday card campaign.

As the year comes to a close, what is more timely than a calendar to start the New Year? Occasionally companies frown on employees receiving gifts, but something as widely used as a calendar, rarely gets banned. In fact, it may be welcomed, as it is one less thing the office manager needs to order for every desk.

Another advantage is that your gift will be a constant reminder of your company. By including your logo on the calendar, you are essentially keeping your brand in front of your target audience all year long.

Consider the FormatCalendar-2012-iStock-000017460572Small_thumb

Though many use electronic calendars and planners either on-line or through smart phones, many still benefit from being able to glance at a calendar in their office or home. Weigh the options in formats:

- Year-at-a-glance poster
- Monthly wall calendar
- Monthly bound portfolio
- Week-by-week
- Daily flip-the-page style

The idea of sending a calendar as a gift is not a new one and chances are good that your clients will receive more than one. What steps can you take to ensure that your calendar is the one that gets used?

Creative Ideas

Experienced printers know about calendars. Work with one who can provide templates to simplify and quicken the process. Take advantage of your ability to personalize your calendars. In addition to prominently displaying your logo and contact info:

- Create a company promotion for each month.

- Sprinkle unique facts about your company or its services throughout the calendar.

- Add industry-specific tips through the year.

- Use QR Codes to allow clients to download coupons or offers, or a series of instructional videos. Instead of establishing the same code for the entire year, create urgency by making the code available for only that month, with a tease of what they can expect next month to ensure they will be back for more.

Your experienced printer will be able to insert quality stock photos. Choose images that are pleasant to look at, such as:

- Subjects directly related to your business

- If recipients are from the same region, photos of prominent local landmarks.

- If recipients are scattered, photos of national landmarks, national parks or themes like sunsets, beach scenes, or glimpses of nature are always welcome.

- Inspiring themes with inspirational messagesBridges – relationship building

1. Plants – business growth
2. Monuments – leadership
3. Sports – team-building, perseverance

Holidays are an important factor to keep in mind as you determine your layout. Consider your audience:

- US National holidays are probably not appropriate for a global audience

- Consider which religious observances are appropriate

- Another option? Do not label any day on the calendar, ensuring you do not leave anything out or include anything that might offend.

In the End

Providing a well-designed calendar with your corporate holiday card is a great way to keep your company top-of-mind throughout the year. Consider your design options, as well as your recipient’s needs and you will have a calendar that is as valuable to you, as it is to them. As you think of tactics that have worked for you in the past, what other ideas do you have for a business holiday card insert?

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