Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 4: Get Noticed with a Thanksgiving Campaign

Oct 19, 2011

Vya Staff

An unexpected surprise in the mail can make your day. Grab yourGive-Thanks-Candles-with-Cute-Pilgrim-iStock-000017351486Large
customers' attention by mailing corporate Thanksgiving cards to kick off the traditional start of the holiday season. When is the last time you received a Thanksgiving greeting? By remembering your customers with a holiday greeting at this time of year, you are ensuring that your card will not be lost in a pile of other cards but instead will be noticed, read and remembered. In addition to the surprise factor, Thanksgiving cards are advantageous because you can mail them before your own holiday, end-of-the-year rush. Another appealing factor is that the Thanksgiving holiday is not affiliated with a religion, thus reducing your chances of offending a client's religious beliefs. Everyone likes to know they are appreciated, take this opportunity to thank those who deserve it. Examples of Business Holiday Greetings for a Thanksgiving CampaignRather than just wishing your customers a joyous holiday season, use this opportunity to truly give thanks for them. Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings and express your appreciation, why not show your clients that they are an integral part of this season for you? Here are a few examples:

- During this season of giving thanks, we at (company name) want to express our gratitude and wish you Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Holiday Season.

- We at (company name) give thanks for (your company) at this time of year. Please accept this gift along with our wishes of a wonderful holiday season for you and your family.

- In giving thanks this holiday season, we are remembering the less fortunate. In appreciation for your business, we will make a donation in your name to the charity you choose. We at (company name) wish everyone at (client company name) a wonderful holiday season.

The Thanksgiving theme is especially relevant to realtors, home builders and mortgage loan officers who have just placed a customer in a new home:

- During this season of giving thanks, we at (company name) want to express our gratitude and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We truly hope you enjoy this holiday and many future celebrations in your new home.

Gift Giving If you were going to give gifts this season, sending them at Thanksgiving ensures that they are received at a time when they will be noticed, appreciated and remembered. When offering gifts or charitable donations, QR Codes and PURLs are fabulous tools that allow for personalization as well as the luxury of allowing recipients to choose their own gift. See our last blog post, Holiday Cards 101 QR Codes and PURLs, for more information on using these personalization techniques this season. Charitable Donations In lieu of sending gifts, many organizations opt to make a charitable donation in a client's name. The Thanksgiving season offers many opportunities to help the hungry. Give your clients a choice of worthy organizations, or if your customers are local, partner with a local food bank. If you have a concentration of clients in a particular city, use the personalization techniques (PURLs or QR codes) to offer only clients in THAT city the opportunity to support their own local food bank. Keep in Mind The Thanksgiving greeting probably works best with existing clients, rather than prospects. And, even though other countries celebrate forms of Thanksgiving, the holiday is most widely celebrated in Canada and the United States. Your Canadian clients celebrate in October and even though it is too late this year, mark it on your calendar for 2012. Conclusion Get more mileage from your Holiday Card campaign by starting a few weeks earlier this year. By getting it in your client's hands in mid-November instead of mid-December, your greetings are more likely to be noticed and remembered. Do you have any ideas for Thanksgiving greetings? In our next blog, we will talk about how to manage your holiday campaign if you have a distributed sales force.

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