Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 2: Personalizing Your Business Holiday Card Campaign

Oct 11, 2011

Vya Staff

When you receive holiday cards, how many do you remember? As you send your corporate holiday cards this year, keep in mind that your customers and prospects are probably being deluged with mail; so make your card stand out. This is the second post in our series Holiday Card Campaigns 101. With just a little planning your card can be a valuable tool in your overall communications plan.

Call them by name Personalizing your holiday card is a fantastic way to get your customer’s attention. What are some options? ornaments

- Personal image - Include an image your customer will recognize, whether that image is of your business, their business or something you both have in common. Take it one step further by personalizing the image itself, see the ornament in the photo. A familiar image is memorable.

- Personal greeting – When people remember your name, it is flattering and warm. Don’t leave off this important aspect of your holiday card.
Examples of Business Holiday Greetings

You can differentiate your message for a current customer or a prospect. For example:

- Current customer – message of appreciation

1. As the year comes to a close, we at (company name) want to express our gratitude and wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

2. We truly value your business and your friendship. We at (Your Company) wish everyone at (Customer’s Company Name) a fabulous holiday season and we look forward to a wonderful 2012 with you!

- Prospect – general warm wishes

1. Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year

2. We at (Your Company) wish all at (Customer’s Company Name) a joyous holiday season and we hope to get to know you better in 2012.

3. Happy Holidays to everyone at (Customer’s Company Name) from all of us at (Your Company)

- Will you be sending a gift? If so, your message may need to reflect that.

- We at (Your Company) appreciate your business and hope that you and your coworkers enjoy this gift, as well as the upcoming Holiday Season.
Incorporating PURLs and QR Codes in your gift options

Personal URLs (PURLs) and QR codes are an easy way to take the gift recipient to a site with unique gift choices. You can even differentiate the gift level by existing customer or prospect, title or customer spending amount. Look for more information on PURLs and QR Codes in an upcoming blog post. Keep in mind that some professionals may not be allowed to accept a gift, but making a donation to a charity is always appreciated. Be sure to include the information in your Holiday Card. Make sure they recognize youDepending on the customer or prospect’s experience with your company, it may be appropriate to vary the logo that appears on the card. Just keep your recipient in mind, and you will know which to send:

- Corporate logo
- Branch or division logo
- Product logo

Sign it

A handwritten signature carries a lot of weight. It shows that someone took the time and thought about the receiver. Evaluate which signature(s) will appear:

- A recognized person with your company
- Salesperson, someone they have a direct relationship with
- Executive

Get the ball rolling

Don’t wait until the last minute, start preparing the list early, before you need it. Check your CRM or Accounting systems to extract a list of both customers and prospects. Remember to:

- Specify fields:

1. those used directly within the communication (i.e., name, address)

2. those that may drive the personalization (i.e., products purchased may result in a particular product logo appearing on the card.)

- Review the list with the appropriate people within your company

1. Is the information correct?

2. Is anyone missing from the list?

3. Is the record associated with the correct sales person – so the recipient receives the correct personalized signature?

You are on your way

In the mass of mail your customer receives this holiday season, personalization is the key to making a lasting impression that will stand out from the rest. Spending a little time planning now can lead to positive results in your business relationships. Don’t miss our next post when we address how QR Codes can take that personalization to the next level. Think about holiday seasons from the past. Have you received a personalized holiday card from a company that you remember? What made it stand out?

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