Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 10: It Is Not Too Late – Now is the Time for Your Holiday Campaign

Nov 10, 2011

Vya Staff

Have you looked at a calendar recently? The holiday season is no longer right around the corner, it is here. Hopefully you have started the process for your corporate holiday card campaign, but if not, don’t worry, it is not too late. This is the last in our blog series about holiday cards. We have provided tips along the way that you can use now to develop a sophisticated holiday card campaign that will:Last-minutes-until-Christmas-iStock-000017909254XSmall_thumb

- Build loyalty with your existing customers
- Nurture your prospects
- Reinforce your brand

Here is a summary of the Holiday Card Campaigns 101 blog series. Click on the link to read the entire article:

Part 1: Your Business Holiday Card Campaign Checklist

- Kick off your campaign by addressing key questions:
- Who is it going to go to?
- What is your message?
- Will it be a card or an email?
- How will you measure it?

Part 2: Personalizing Your Business Holiday Card Campaign

- Make your card memorable by personalizing it. Greet your customers and prospects by name, include a heartfelt message and sign it with a real signature.

Part 3: Using QR Codes and PURLs in Your Business Holiday Card

- Include a QR Code or a PURL in your greeting. Use them to direct your customers to a landing page or website you created just for them. You can let customers select a gift, choose the recipient of a charitable donation or provide them special offers.

Part 4: Get Noticed with a Thanksgiving Campaign

- If you have ever received a Thanksgiving Card, there is a good chance you remember it. Send your cards at this time of year to kick off the season, to show your thanks for their business and to set your card apart from the deluge of mail they will be receiving in the next few weeks.

Part 5: Coordinating A Holiday Campaign with Your Distributed Sales Force

- Involve key staff members in the process by including them in the campaign, suggesting recipients, signing the cards, and selecting the images and messages on the greeting. Because so many businesses face the challenge of a sales force distributed by remote offices or varying regions, including them is difficult but not impossible. Their input and help will make your campaign even more meaningful.

Part 6: Include a Calendar with your Business Holiday Card

- A calendar is a gift that just about everyone can use. Don’t just send a generic calendar, make yours reflect your business, by including your logo or key messages on every page. Give it even more worth by including special offers intended just for your customers.

Part 7: Building your Holiday Campaign List

- Time to make a list and check it twice. Although this is a somewhat tedious task, it is probably the most important part of the campaign. Build your list through an organized process coordinating input from key stakeholders.

Part 8: How to Execute Your Holiday Campaign

- Sometimes the execution logistics can send the whole campaign off track. There are professionals who do these types of projects all through the year. Why not hand it over to an expert and take the worry and stress off your plate?

Part 9: How to Measure Your Holiday Card Campaign

- Just like any marketing campaign, your holiday card campaign can be structured so that you can measure results.

Your holiday card campaign can be the success you envision by doing a little preplanning. Use our blogs or request a copy of our Holiday Card White Paper to help you navigate your way through. What have you done in the past that has worked well? Which if these tips can make your own campaign better?

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