Effective Use of QR Codes in Advertising – A QR Code Workshop

Jun 28, 2012

Vya Staff

As the adoption of QR Codes continues to grow, companies are becoming more savvy in QR-Delta5_thumbtheir use of this application. Initially, QR Codes were scanned out of curiosity. Now people want to see the value it has to offer. This QR Code Workshop Series presents examples to emulate to help you improve the effectiveness of your QR Code initiatives.

This review is on a QR code for a company in the building products industry. The advertisement was observed in Midwest Living Magazine. It’s great to see that more companies are looking to mingle with their customers digitally.

The Description

Delta Touch 2O Technology is part of the Smart Solution series from Delta. This company manufactures kitchen faucets, baths faucets and accessories. These Smart Solutions help you keep your fixtures clean, even when your hands are dirty. Grasping the importance of technology, Delta not only uses it for their merchandise, but marketing as well.

Scannable by an iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android Phone, the QR Code is located on the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement, placing it on the fold of the magazine. The dense 1” by 1” code is accompanied by a simple explanation that the scan will direct users to more information. The information provided when the code is scanned includes the following:

- Description of faucet & censor points
- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- YouTube channel of videos & commercials
- Browsing of other products
- Option to view standard website
- Store locations


Here is what we liked about the Delta Touch 2O QR Code.

1. Mobile Optimized Site
When scanned, users arrive at a site that is optimized for mobile viewing. There is a great resemblance between the mobile option and the full site. The mobile page is just as tech savvy as the full site, making navigation trouble-free.

2. Share Options
Easy share options allow this content to be revealed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. By doing this, the company continues to build their brand and the customer is able to offer positive feedback about the product.

With this QR code and the positive traits highlighted above, Delta has provided a valuable, high-quality customer experience. In order to further enhance this experience, below are some ideas for improvement.

QR Code Enhancements

1. Ease of Scan
Placement is key with everything, including QR Codes. With the code being on the fold of the magazine, it’s not a flat surface to scan. Too many failed attempts equal less times the QR code is actually used. Strategically placing the code where the advertisement will lay flat is sure to win more usage.

2. Density
Too dense of a code makes it hard for phones without accurate focusing to scan. To help decrease the density, shorten the URL before creating the QR Code. This will make it easier for phones to read.

3. Show the value
A great marketing strategy is to show the value that will be delivered with the scan. This will drive more interaction between the QR code and users. Instead of stating one will receive more information by the scan, engage the user my mentioning the video content, store locations, and other options that are available.

4. Picture Save
An awesome way to ensure customers get the product they want is to have a saving feature. This feature will save the product picture, item number, description, etc in the QR code history on the phone. Now a customer can walk into a store and know exactly what they want.


By taking users to a mobile optimized site with valuable content, Delta shows respect for their customers. Providing readers of the magazine with more reasons to scan the code would likely increase the number of scans. Effective applications of QR codes, like the one discussed here by Delta, take your advertising to the next level – helping customers more fully experience your products and services.

How mobile friendly are your QR Codes?

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