Creative Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for March

Feb 05, 2013

Multichannel marketing campaigns leveraging more than one communications channel – such as direct mailers incorporating QR codes and PURLs – can help to shorten the path from campaign to conversion and generate measureable results. Here are some creative ideas for driving new business, goodwill and conversions through your March campaigns.

Theme: Staying in Touch/Upsell Campaigns
Sample Industries: Financial Services, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance

• Issue a direct mailer with personalized URL (PURL) component inviting your customers to give back to their local communities by donating blood in support of the American Red Cross.
• From the PURL (the customer’s unique landing page), provide the following information:

2-5-13_thumb1. Account or policy summary (financial accounts summaries, review of coverages, etc.)

2. Information on new upsell products and services (e.g. new investment account options or new plans or coverages) your customer may be interested in

3. A link to dynamically schedule an account or policy review

4. A prompt to review the customer’s primary content preferences (phone, email, direct mail) and billing information and to update this information if needed

5. A link to help customers find the nearest location to donate blood

Theme: Customer Engagement/Corporate Social Responsibility
Sample Industries: Fitness Centers, Food Manufacturers, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Hospitals and Clinics, Weight Management

• Invite customers to take a pledge to improve their nutrition and wellness in 2013 and commit to donating a pre-determined dollar amount to a charitable cause for reaching a goal number of pledges.
• Use QR codes on product packaging, vending posters, direct mailers, and point of purchase displays to enable customers to quickly make and share their pledge commitments with friends and family on social media.
• Provide nutrition and wellness tips on a mobile-optimized webpage accessible via the QR code scan.
• Gather customer emails through the pledge process so you can notify customers when you reach your pledge goal and thank them for their participation and help in raising awareness for your chosen cause.
• Measure QR codes scanned to assess the reach and impact of your campaign and stay in touch with your customers post-campaign with continuity campaigns issued through your marketing resource management (MRM) system on a periodic basis.

Theme: New Customer Acquisition/Geographic Segmentation
Sample Industries: Bars, Restaurants, Entertainment, Retail

• Issue personalized direct mailers to customers in target zip codes with an integrated QR or PURL component offering discounts and incentives on St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17) sales, services or entertainment redeemable via the QR code scan.
• Track and monitor QR code scans by geographic region with your MRM system to determine which zip codes have the highest response rates.
• Plan and execute a direct mail continuity campaign managed and scheduled from your MRM system targeting zip codes where your brand impact and reach are greatest; You may also track and monitor your response rates in the areas where your brand impact and reach are lowest to see if response rates improve over time.
• Measure results and reassess your campaign strategy after three months.

March presents many timely opportunities to connect with customers and prospects and generate new business through creative multichannel marketing campaigns that can be scheduled, managed and distributed from your MRM system. To improve campaign effectiveness, multichannel campaigns should be developed collaboratively with Sales, while messaging versions should be tracked and evaluated over time to improve conversion rates and adjust the marketing mix accordingly.

At DocuStar, we have extensive experience helping client marketing teams execute highly targeted marketing campaigns through the integration of digital marketing technology and variable data printing. Need help planning and executing your next multichannel campaign? We can help! Let us know via our Contact Us page and someone from our team will be in touch to follow up.

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