Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for September

Aug 01, 2013

Fall is just around the corner, so prepare to ramp up your sales and marketing efforts with these September multichannel campaign ideas:

Theme: Read a Book Day (Sept. 6) and International Literacy Day (Sept. 8)
Goal: Lead generation, social responsibility
Industries: Insurance, financial services, direct sales

• Send out a direct mail flyer or postcard. On one side, have information about you and your business.
• On the other side, promote the cause of literacy with book recommendations pertaining to your industry. For example, if you’re in banking, include some of the best-sellers in financial planning. If you’re in health insurance, list some of the best-sellers in health & wellness.
• On the side with the book recommendations, include a call-to-action, such as signing up for your newsletter, setting up a meeting or committing to a free trial, and give them a QR code to follow through on. Then, you have some options:
› Tell them that as their reward, they will receive an Amazon gift card and/or be entered in a drawing to win a much more lucrative Amazon gift card. Depending on your audience and budget, you could even let them select a book from a list of titles that you would have sent to them for free.
› Allow your audience to select a book from a list that you will send to a friend of their choosing (giving you another lead/prospect).
› To go a more charitable route, on a landing page they are sent to after they sign up, give them a list of children’s books to choose from that you will donate to a local children’s literacy charity. (Who wouldn’t sign up just to donate a book to a child?)
› Depending on which of the three “rewards” you choose, you will need to make the second side of your direct mail piece reflect those options.

Theme: Start of Football Season (late August. / early Sept.)
Goal: Local lead generation, awareness
Industries: Bars, restaurants, retail, e-commerce, insurance, financial

• The goal of this campaign will be to put together something that resonates with local audiences and will have staying power beyond the month of September.
• Create a direct mail sports schedule calendar to send to a local mailing list. Put local high school and college football teams’ major games on the calendar.
• Depending on population and population density, try to keep it to one major metropolitan area or, if a more rural setting, a several-county radius. (Tip: look up the high school athletic conference in your target market and make that your geographic target.)
• On the calendar, include information about your business and a QR code link to your website. If possible, include an offer of 2 free tickets to a high school football game of their choice or a raffle of two tickets to a college game of their choice if they participate in a particular call-to-action.
• Even if they don’t complete the call-to-action, many of them will still keep the schedule, which you can make is in-depth as you want. Really know your audience and target it to them. If one team has a really big following, make them a big focus of the calendar. Don’t shy away from variable data printing to make certain team-themed calendars for certain areas. Just be sure to get permission to use logos if want to use any.

Theme: Fight Procrastination Day (Sept. 6)
Goal: TBD
Industries: TBD

• We’re holding off on this one until next month.

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