Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for May

Apr 03, 2013

Vya Staff

As the weather continues to warm and spring swings into full gear, here are some ideas to help fill out your May marketing calendar.

Theme: National Bike Month/National Bike to Work Day

Goal: Lead generation, lead qualifying, engagement

Industries: Health insurance, financial services, health care, fitness
• Prepare a direct mail postcard with a QR code on it promoting fitness and environmental awareness for National Bike Month and offering a free bicycle water bottle if they sign up for a newsletter or free trial (since you’re spending money on water bottles, get more bang for your buck by getting as many touches as you can with an on-going newsletter as opposed to a one-time download, such as a white paper).
• On the landing page for the QR code, have a sign-up form for the business-related offer and the water bottle.
• After they sign up, send an e-mail follow-up thanking them for signing up and highlighting additional offers or services they may be interested in.
• Include a business card with the water bottle, which should also be branded for the company.

Theme: National Photograph Month

Goal: Engagement, boost social media presence

Industries: Banking, financial services, insurance, fitness, any business-to-consumer

• Launch an e-mail campaign to current customers or even potential customers giving them the opportunity to win free services/products from your business (ex: if it’s a gym, free one month membership; if it’s a bank, free checking for a month).
• In order to win, customers must share a photo of them doing something relating to your business or industry on Twitter using a hash-tag of your choosing.
- Encourage creativity and fun. Post some example submissions you took yourself!
• If the campaign is experiencing high engagement, have your followers vote for their favorite. If not, select a winner yourself.
• Promote the contest across all of your social platforms in addition to e-mail.
• Promote the fact that you will announce the winner via social media to keep people checking back.

Theme: Eat What You Want Day (May 11)

Goal: Client retention, customer relations

Industries: Financial services, health insurance, any business-to-consumer

• Identify clients or customers who are not currently signed up for any sort of regular communication from you or your company.
• Send them a direct mail letter thanking them for their business.
• In the letter, offer them a chance to select a gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice if they sign up for your newsletter (again, newsletter is just an example).
• Allow them to sign up via a QR code in the letter.
• On the QR code landing page, have the contact form and give them the option to select a restaurant for their gift card.
• You can either mail the gift card, or some businesses will let you send them online via e-mail.

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