Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for July

Jun 04, 2013

Just because July brings with it the dog days of summer doesn’t mean you should have to sweat your sales, too. Here are three ideas to help you get through the hot sales heat.

Theme: Summer Blockbuster Movie Season

Goal: Lead generation, social media engagement

Industries: Insurance, financial services, health care, retail, restaurants, entertainment, direct sales

• In the spirit of the summer movie season, hold a weekly contest on social media involving movie trivia or movie-centric question (ex: what’s your favorite summer blockbuster and why).
• Make sure in your post you mention that respondents will be eligible to win free movie passes.
• Select a winner for the passes from the participants and contact them via direct message to get their email and home address.
• Send the movie passes via direct mail with a copy of a brochure or collateral piece from your business.
• Add the address to your direct mail campaign list and follow up as needed.

Theme: Summer Barbecues

Goal: Social media engagement, lead generation, build opt-in direct mail/email lists

Industries: Health care, health insurance, insurance, financial services, retail, business-to-consumer, e-commerce

• Ask social media followers to submit their grilling tips online.
• Compile the best ones and create a direct mail collateral piece to send out.
• On one side of the piece, have the grilling tips and on the other side, have info about your business.
• Include a QR code on the collateral that will take them to a sign-up form for an email list, e-commerce page or social media site you’d like them to follow.
• Encourage followers that submit tips to sign up as well so they receive the full list of submissions.

6-4-13_thumbTheme: Independence Day

Goal: Acquire new business, generate leads

Industries: Financial services, health insurance, subscription-based services, business-to-consumer

• Send out direct mail advertisements to competitor’s clients asking them to “declare independence” from your competitors (or negative aspects of their offering, ie monthly fees, penalties, long-term contracts, etc).

• Highlight your business’ strengths compared to those of the competitor you’re asking them to break away from.

• Include a QR code they can scan that will take them to a personalized landing page with more information.

• Offer an incentive to help sweeten the deal. Even if they don’t switch, they may still be interested, so allow them to sign up for your newsletter or other opt-in campaigns.

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