Boost Distributed Sales Channel Success with Co-Sponsored Events

Apr 24, 2012

Joint, co-branded events are an effective tool in your marketing promotions mix to help distributed sales channels reach new prospects and close the sale. Events and seminars are excellent opportunities for new prospects to learn more about your product or service, and in-person meetings with current customers can also generate new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Co-op marketing events and seminars also provide a means for insurance, financial services and manufacturers, such as building products companies, to get closer to their end-customers while overseeing delivery of the brand message. Here’s your checklist for executing a seamless co-op marketing event or seminar from start to finish.

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Tags: branding, Marketing Programs, financial services, QR Codes, insurance, Distributed Sales Model, Building Products, MRM, Manufacturers, marketing resource management, sales and marketing alignment

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