Interactive Displays: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

Feb 24, 2016

Kandi O'Connor

Interactive Displays - Revolutionizing the Customer ExperienceBy the time a customer walks into your location, he or she has already had multiple interactions with your brand, many of them online. They came in wanting something more – an experience that not only drives them to make the purchase, but form a deeper bond with your brand and your offerings. The fact they are in your location means they’ve decided to take the relationship with you one step further – what are you doing to engage them?

There are many ways to create the experience customers crave and build the digital presence you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Interactive displays are an increasingly popular and valuable tool for achieving the desired customer engagement. In fact, Forrester Analyst JP Gownder recently published an article on the Forrester blog with the title boldly claiming that “2016 Will Be the Year of Digital Signage and Displays.” Gownder describes displays as a disruptive technology which is become a “key connection between the digital and physical worlds.”

For companies new to interactive displays, there are naturally some questions about whether this technology is worth the investment. There are three ways to help maximize your investment in interactive displays and make them more than a digital version of paper signage:

  1. Know your customer journey

Many companies spend a lot of time tracing the journey their customers take – the path they take as they move from consideration to comparison to visiting your location to purchasing and using your product. Having a good understanding of what they see and experience before they walk in can help inform what content you put on your interactive displays so you can better connect with your customers.

  1. Offer a personal experience

Today’s customer wants control; they want to drive the consideration and sales process when they are at your location, with the same on-demand access to product information they can get online. Interactive displays empower them – which means they can choose the information they need to make a purchase decision.

  1. Create community around your product

Using the emerging technology represented by interactive displays gives you an opportunity to link your product with the local community and further immerse customers in your offering.

Interactive display systems give you the power to deliver stunningly complex and personalized marketing with a few clicks. By connecting the online and physical worlds, you revolutionize the way customers connect with your brand and turn browsers into buyers and buyers into fans. Read more in our latest white paper, “Building a New Customer Experience.”

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